Science Fair

Welcome! This site is your source for information on the PEI Science Fair. The pages give details on the fair for participants, judges, as well as contact information for the organizing committee. Up to five grade 7-12 students will have a chance to compete with the brightest young science students at the Canada Wide Science Fair in May. With a little innovation, hard work, and good luck, you could be one of the people representing PEI! Stay tuned for the winning projects!


PEI Science Fair - Best in Fair Summary:
PEI Science Fair - Specialty Prize Awards Summary:
PEI Science Fair - Participants Summary:
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Logo/Poster Design Competition Winners:
  • 2024 - Thea Roman, Three Oaks Senior High School
  • 2023 - Meghan Runge, East Wiltshire Intermediate School
  • 2020 - Cancelled to limit the spread of COVID-19
  • 2019 - Meghan Runge, East Wiltshire Intermediate School
  • 2018 - Cassie Doiron, Bluefield High School
  • 2017 - Sophie MacDonald, East Wiltshire Intermediate School
  • 2016 - Bella Galaise, Englewood School
  • 2015 - Aysha Young, Bluefield High School
  • 2014 - Zoe Gotell, Georgetown Elementary School
  • 2013 - Sara-Jane Parnell, Ecole la belle cloche
  • 2012 - Jade Harrison Clark, Spring Park School
  • 2011 - Sam Vail, Immanuel Christian School