Science Fair

Welcome! This site is your source for information on the PEI Science Fair. The pages give details on the fair for participants, judges, as well as contact information for the organizing committee. Up to five grade 7-12 students will have a chance to compete with the brightest young science students at the Canada Wide Science Fair in May. With a little innovation, hard work, and good luck, you could be one of the people representing PEI! Stay tuned for the winning projects!


Best in Fair Prizes:

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place and Honourable Mentions are awarded in the following divisions:
  • Senior Division (Grades 11-12)
  • Intermediate Division (Grades 9-10)
  • Junior Division (Grades 7-8)
Lieutenant Governor's Award
"For project which best demonstrates excellence and innovation in scientific thought and skill combined with enthusiasm for the scientific process"

Medals are awarded to the top 10 participants in each of Grades 4, 5 and 6.

Specialty Prizes (2024): 

Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association Prize
Best demonstrates applications of advanced engineering technologies

Atlantic Veterinary College Prize
Animal related project (animals of interest and applicability to Veterinary Medicine)

AVC Pharmacology & Toxicology Prize
Project that best demonstrates an understanding of pharmacology and/or toxicology

Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association Prize
A project that best incorporates the themes of Biodiversity, Nature, or Ecology

BIO|FOOD|TECH Food Technology Award
Best in division related to Food Science and Technology

Canadian Cancer Society, PEI Division Prize
Best project involving cancer prevention (stopping tobacco use, reducing sun exposure) or related research (healthy eating, physical activity)

Canadian Parents for French (PEI) Award
Project that has a French component in both the written and displayed work

Chemical Institute of Canada (Maritime Division) Prize
Exemplary projects related to chemistry

Nautilus Discovery Award
Bioscience or chemistry project best demonstrating the spirit of scientific discovery

Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture - Excellence in Agri-Science Prize
Best demonstrates an effective application of science to agriculture

Dental Association of PEI - Oral Health Prize
Best project dealing with oral health

Project that best demonstrates a practical application in addressing a real-world environmental challenge

efficiencyPEI Prize
Outstanding projects that best explore ways for Islanders to reduce their day to day energy consumption

Engineers PEI Prize
Project which best utilizes Engineering or Applied Sciences concepts

Hear PEI - Listen To This! Prize
Project that best demonstrates awareness of hearing, hearing loss and associated issues

Holland College Technology Prize
Project that demonstrates a practical application of telecommunication or bioscience technology

Innovation PEI Prize
For projects demonstrating the economic impact of science & technology

Island Waste Management Corporation Prize
Waste management, waste reduction

Mi'kmaq Confederacy of PEI Indigenous Knowledge in Science Award
Projects that best incorporate Indigenous knowledge within Non-Indigenous traditional science practices

Nature PEI Award
Project related to any wildlife species (snails to whales) and/or plants and wildlife habitats

Nature's Crops International - Industrial Agriculture Prize
Project that best shows industrial use of agricultural products

Parks Canada Prize
Outstanding project related to natural resources and/or climate change and/or coastal ecology in Prince Edward Island National Park

PEI 4-H Council Prize
Agriculturally related projects:  food science, food safety, production issues

PEI Association of Optometrists Award
Projects involved with eyes, vision, optics or general health

PEI BioAlliance Award
Best project in the field of bioscience

PEI Department of Agriculture Prize
Innovation in Agriculture

PEI Department of Education Award for Climate Studies
Outstanding projects related to Climate Change - education/studies on climate effects, mitigation, adaptation

PEI Forests, Fish and Wildlife Prize
Forest Ecosystem, Forest Products and Wildlife related project

Dr. Leon Loucks Award for Environment Stewardship & Sustainability
PEI Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action

PEI Energy Corporation Award
Project that best promotes the concepts of renewable energy and energy efficiency

PEI Energy Systems Prize
Projects involving energy alternatives, production, distribution and green alternatives

PEI Home and School Prize
Best projects that focus on the total well-being of children, including health, safety and learning

PEI Institute of Agrologists Prize
Project that best exemplifies the impact of agriculture and good agricultural practices

PEI Massage Therapy Association Award
Project that best demonstrates aspects of alternative health or related health issues

PEI Speech and Hearing Association Award
Project related to the fields of speech language pathology and/or audiology

Phytocultures Plant Biology Award
To foster interest in plant biology/agriculture at an early age

Sanofi Canada Prize
An outstanding project by students in grades 7-12 related to biotechnology or life sciences

Sekisui Diagnostics Human Health Award
Project best demonstrating technical knowledge of a human health issue

Shad Canada Community Changemaker Prize
For projects that demonstrate creativity, curiosity, and the potential for positive community impact

Somru BioScience Award
Excellence in Bio-science Research

Sport PEI Prize
Project that best demonstrates how the application of science can affect sport or athletes

Cleantech Academy and UPEI’s Prize for Cleantech and Sustainability
For projects that best demonstrate cleantech and sustainable solutions

UPEI Physics Award
Project that best shows awareness and innovation in the field of physics

UPEI Psychology Award
Project that best shows awareness and innovation in the importance of the field of psychology

UPEI FSDE Fostering Indigenous Representation in Engineering and Sustainability Award
Awarded to groups with members who identify as Indigenous and/or who acknowledge or use Indigenous knowledge/ways of knowing in their projects

UPEI FSDE Inclusive of Diversity in Engineering and Leadership in Sustainability Award
A project that highlights the theme of IDEaLS: Inclusive of Diversity in Engineering and Leadership in Sustainability

UPEI Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering ProGRES Award
To encourage and promote girls to pursue research in Engineering and Sustainability (ProGRES)

UPEI Graduate Students Assocation - Future Graduate Student Award
Project where the student(s) followed the integrity of the scientific process

UPEI Neuroscience Research Group - Neuroscience Prize
Project that best demonstrates an understanding of either the normal or disease-related function of the nervous system

UPEI Office of Commercialization, Industry and Innovation - Technology Development Prize
Project best demonstrating the commercial potential of an innovative or novel technology

UPEI School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences Prize
To the project that best shows awareness and innovation in any area of mathematical and computational sciences

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