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Welcome! This site is your source for information on the PEI Science Fair. The pages give details on the fair for participants, judges, as well as contact information for the organizing committee. Up to five grade 7-12 students will have a chance to compete with the brightest young science students at the Canada Wide Science Fair in May. With a little innovation, hard work, and good luck, you could be one of the people representing PEI! Stay tuned for the winning projects!



Project Deadline is Thursday, April 1, 2021!

To register for the PEI Science Fair:

1. Have created your project on . Make your project public at the top of the title screen.

2. Go to the Youth Science Canada portal

and create an account using the SAME email address as the one used for Project Board. This is extremely important as this is how the system pulls your project into the registration.

3. Fill in all the sections of the registration (6 in total) and be sure to scan or take a picture of the registration form and email it to the PEI Science Fair Committee ( To get to the sections click on registration on the top left side. For each section click on the edit icon to the right of the section name. If your school is missing please contact us. The last section called Registration Confirmation will only be clickable when the other 5 sections are completed.

4. The deadline for registration is Thursday, April 1.

If you have any questions or problems with the registration please contact Cindy Ramsay (

For a list of school allocations, CLICK HERE.

Rules and Regulations:

In order to ensure safety and a smooth-running fair this year, we have a few rules that all projects must strictly obey. 

Safety Requirements
PLEASE NOTE these safety requirements are for in-person fair projects; not all apply this year.
  • Backboards must be sturdy and self supporting;
  • The size of your backboard has to fit the available space, so your three-panel structure must be no higher than 350cm from the floor, 80cm deep and 120cm from side to side;
  • All moving parts should fit on the display table;
  • No open flame on display;
  • Pressurized containers must have safety valves;
  • Electrical cords and devices must be CSA approved with grounding;
  • Lasers cannot be operated during the public session;
  • No biological toxins are permitted on display;
  • Living organisms are not permitted on display;
  • Please contact our committee if you are not sure about a material and its suitability at the fair.
Judging is done using a method consistent with the Canada-Wide Science Fair. For a sample tally sheet used by judges to score projects CLICK HERE. For an explanation of the scientific levels referred to in the tally sheet CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your past support; we look forward to seeing you at the Fair!

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