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Welcome! This site is your source for information on the PEI Science Fair. The pages give details on the fair for participants, judges, as well as contact information for the organizing committee. Up to five grade 7-12 students will have a chance to compete with the brightest young science students at the Canada Wide Science Fair in May. With a little innovation, hard work, and good luck, you could be one of the people representing PEI! Stay tuned for the winning projects!

Helpful Hints

 Helpful Hints

The PEI Science Fair Committee has put together a list of helpful hints for your science fair project and your experience at the PEI Science Fair.

  • Please do not bring any live animals or plants to the fair ( take many pictures and display them on your backboard)

  • Items that are shed from animals such as hair, fur, feathers quills, hides are not permitted.

  • Please do not bring any mold, bodily fluids ( blood, urine) or living tissues to the fair.

  • Cultures in petri dishes are not permitted.

  • No open flames are permitted (candles or heating devices such as hot plates).

  • Any devices that can create sparks should not be brought to the science fair.

  • Do not bring chemicals to the fair (use water and food colouring to simulate the chemicals). You can take a video of your experiment and show it to the judges.

  • Moving parts such as belts or blades should be encompassed in a shell or frame.

  • A small amount of water for your project is allowed however please do not bring items such as aquariums to fill with water.

  • Please be aware that wifi is not always available at the fair so please prepare in advance for this.

  • If you need electricity for your project/computer, it would be helpful to bring a short ( 5 or 6 feet) extension cord. Please ensure that the extension cord is properly grounded.

  • Students in grades 7 through 12 should have a log book to show the judges .  This is an important part of your project’s mark (10%).  This website has suggestions for setting up and using your logbook.

  • Bring a water bottle and also bring something to do while you are waiting for the judges as you will be at your project for an extended period of time.  ( book, phone, video game, homework, schoolwork etc).

  • A poster/science fair picture contest will be held during the fair.  You can bring your own colour pencils/crayons to the fair however some will also be available at the fair.

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